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I rhyme to see myself, to set the darkness echoing. (Seamus Heaney, from Personal Helicon)

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After the time of the bees

It was after the time of the bees
she bloomed alone, a single rose
among thorns; scented and white, I see
her petals, pink-edged in the dawn light
of those final days.

I could have wings, and buzz, a bit, at
least – or hum. My shorts are yellow too
and I have a stripy shirt. I like
honey, and flowers, and I dream of meadows,
despite my being a man.

So I landed on your petals, and
sipped your dew. Scented with longing, you
helped me sleep, and we dreamed together
alone, of times of bees and roses,
until your petals fell.


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Never leave burning candles unattended


silent like swans;


Your candles:
warm light


slow shadows;


ancient ways
of seeing

through darkness,


Remembering, like candlelight.
Keep away from children, and
handle with care.


Posted on dVerse Poets January 24 2012


I can watch golden-crowned clouds flee today’s
rebellious sun,
but who can I tell without you?

I can face yew trees at dusk, scent-swamped
and proud, beyond time,
but who can I hold without you?

I can drive north across hills, sensual
like flesh, and warmed now,
but who’s hand to touch without yours?

I can dream and wonder, imagine you
with me, yet you’re not,
and no dream can match your last look.


Sunlight-etched hair swims in china sky
and frames your blue deep water eyes.
My senses shocked smooth by river’s zest
have space only for you.

I close my eyes as you kiss me,
feel your lips on mine; the tip of your wet tongue,
your body’s warmth, breasts against my chest;
stretched out together – my hand on your head,
stroking your river-washed hair.

You ebb, and the calming waters sparkle
to the swan’s caress,
reflecting autumn trees,
yearning hopelessly for a fish’s kiss;
making empty rings in the evening light you love.

Now the light drains into the waters,
and the river moistens the darkness, expectantly.


Naiads are river nymphs.

River song – at end of summer

Imagining you, walking by the river;
evening light still, soft on your cheeks.
I can hear the water, now; gentle whispers,
caressing her banks, that touch your feet,
warm in the grass – toes most alive
at the fading day’s end.

Summer lives, but she is tired
and spent;
on raising swans and apple trees,
swathes of grasses and bright echinops,
fox cubs and marigolds:
a rest deserved, and sought.

And so the blue sky fades to white
and pink;
laying down her head on softening clouds,
and closing slowly blossom eyes
to sleep, and dream,
of spring.

I think of you

I think of you in between moments,
when the first raindrops fall
or shadows reach out to welcome the sun;
at the end of each day’s exploration,
or half-waking to distant bird song.
I think of you far away, dreaming,
or floating past swans as they watch;
your words like light among leaves;
your face laughing,
and your touch completing.
Though time and space edit my memories,
and we may meet again as strangers,
I think of you.


My love is like a river
searching always for the sea:
a cascade in the mountains,
and meander in the plains.
I long for days of ripples,
and undulating shade;
a splash and laughter,
the unrelenting, gentle flow;
warm towels and sunshine,
and afterwards, just you.


I had to decide today whether I should keep (and pay for!) the wetsuit I hired this year to do a triathalon. It was not too hard a decision – swimming outdoors in nature is wonderful (and maybe the wetsuit is for wimps (or just for racing) but this is England, and I am still a beginner).

Sleep easy

I will sleep easy with you in my heart,
whatever tomorrow will bring.
I will rise early and welcome the spring,
to see through your eyes at day’s start.
I miss your soft laughter,
your eyes and your sparkle;
your considered replies
and your little asides;
I miss your soft arms and your warm fireside,
but these waters run deep and flow back to your shores.
I will sleep easy with you in my heart,
whatever tomorrow will bring.


I’m in London, in a little hotel less than a kilometre from the riots. There are some sirens and policemen, but life goes on as normal. People are amazing – none of which has anything to do with my poem!

In parting

After we parted,
I was suddenly so lost.
Then you waved to me.

Seasons of the heart

I opened to you
my virgin heart this summer.
Winter came anon.


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