poetry diary

I rhyme to see myself, to set the darkness echoing. (Seamus Heaney, from Personal Helicon)

Category: haiku

November morning

Still blue autumn day;
whispers of frost on the roof.
A red vine leaf falls.

A willow tree

Trembling willow leaves
alive to summer winds, fall
to winter’s first breath.


Contemplating the willow tree in our garden.

Late autumn morning

Opening my blind
to frost-iced roof tiles, last night
lingers in the sun.

Outdoor concert

Summer oaks tremble
to music she summons with
delicate fingers.


From distant woods, leaves
rise like mist. Here, a sparrow
alights with a twig.


Possibly still under the influence of my visit to Japan.

Leaving Japan

Early spring morning.
At Haneda I buy
hand-printed fabrics.


Leaving Japan, feeling sad. It is a lovely country full of welcoming people.

March in Tokyo

No cherry blossom
yet – in Shinjuku a girl
smiles at her lover.


Inspired by Basho (translated):

Behind the virgins’
one blossoming plum.

Arriving in Tokyo

Neon characters
compete against winter rain.
The bus door opens.


I haven’t written a haiku for a while, but as I find myself in Japan (somewhat unexpectedly and for the first time) it seems appropriate.


A chestnut leaf floats
gently through November skies,
spiralling like smoke.


Thinking of haiku today.

A rain storm in May

Across newt-kissed pond
floating apple blossom spreads,
and grey skies turn blue.