poetry diary

I rhyme to see myself, to set the darkness echoing. (Seamus Heaney, from Personal Helicon)

Category: haiku

Late autumn morning

Opening my blind
to frost-iced roof tiles, last night
lingers in the sun.

Outdoor concert

Summer oaks tremble
to music she summons with
delicate fingers.


From distant woods, leaves
rise like mist. Here, a sparrow
alights with a twig.


Possibly still under the influence of my visit to Japan.

Leaving Japan

Early spring morning.
At Haneda I buy
hand-printed fabrics.


Leaving Japan, feeling sad. It is a lovely country full of welcoming people.

March in Tokyo

No cherry blossom
yet – in Shinjuku a girl
smiles at her lover.


Inspired by Basho (translated):

Behind the virgins’
one blossoming plum.

Arriving in Tokyo

Neon characters
compete against winter rain.
The bus door opens.


I haven’t written a haiku for a while, but as I find myself in Japan (somewhat unexpectedly and for the first time) it seems appropriate.


A chestnut leaf floats
gently through November skies,
spiralling like smoke.


Thinking of haiku today.

A rain storm in May

Across newt-kissed pond
floating apple blossom spreads,
and grey skies turn blue.

Climate change

Outside my window,
cherry blossom, these four months.
Confused, our bees die.

City life

Rain on my windscreen;
crooked blue and white light trails –
sirens in the night.


For September Haiku Heights  – today’s prompt is ‘crooked’. That’s it for this year – it’s been fun and challenging as always. Thanks to all at HH for the prompts and comments.