September Haiku Challenge – Week 5

by poetrydiary

Berlin – Sept 30

This relaxed city,
people laughing at midnight,
has earned peace through pain.

Rhythm – Sept 29

Insect wings beating
in microscopic rhythm
stir autumn evening.

Charm – Sept 28

Leaves with ice crystals
aligned like tiny magnets,
etching winter’s charm.

Poise – Sept 27

Midnight lampposts poised
silently like winter trees,
preparing for spring.

Phoenix – Sept 26

Hypnotic bonfire;
is there movement in the flames?
Phoenix are still rare.


For Haiku Heights September Challenge. This is the last week, and it has got tougher (especially as I now have some kind of flu as well) but I feel I have thoroughly explored this form – although it’s dominated the month. Glad I made the effort.

I’m also in Berlin, very strangely and briefly, for a one day conference on 29 Sept. I’ve never been here before and it’s a lovely city, as far as I can tell from a 36 hour visit…