September Haiku Challenge – Week 2

by poetrydiary

Flourish – Sept 5

With one last flourish
rainbows and roses announce
summer is over.

Kiss – Sept 6

Wasp kissing windfall.
Smoke rises. Birds flock. ‘Too late’,
they cry, autumn comes.

Kiss II – Sept 6

He touched her shoulder.
Snowflakes settled around them.
The world stopped. They kissed.

Hypnotic – Sept 7

Hypnotic pigeons
cooing in the trees – listen:
we’ve slept twenty years.

Hidden – Sept 8

Willow-hidden moon,
hunted by the autumn clouds
until dawn takes her.

Yearn (The human condition?) – Sept 9

We yearn for freedom
even as we forge our chains;
best done together?

Magic – Sept 10

At summer’s ending
leaves fall, clearing the air
for winter’s magic.

Universal Rain (any subject) – Sept 11

Feeling connected
as the rain falls everywhere
wondering what next?


These are all for haiku heights September challenge, and I’m adding to this post daily during each week. The themes are fixed, which makes it very tough, but satisfying. I’m happiest with the willow-hidden moon haiku above – this was inspired by the prompt plus seeing the moon behind a willow tree on Thursday evening, in a stormy autumn sky.