A thank you

by poetrydiary

I woke today to see through different eyes,
raindrops on leaves, sunlight through trees, those pears.
I stood taller, too, rising from my car;
more in this world, more free, more clear, more new.
So much I’ve missed, so much to see and share
to learn and grow, to find and to explore.
Perhaps more able, too, to love and live,
to write and feel, to touch and care what’s real.
Both joy and pain, I know, beyond control;
and always time – ahead, behind and now.
All this and more I owe, simply, to you.
Thank you, once more, for teaching me to be.

Raindrops on leaves in my garden


Trying to capture the beauty of the raindrops on these leaves this morning brought home to me how difficult it is to take good photographs.