by poetrydiary

Confounding expectations, a ball of
spikes surprised by sprays of sapphire stars:
from hostility to hospitality and hope;
inviting you and me to see and feel
the wholeness and individuality
of each petal and stem, and all against
dark deep blue within and underneath
– out of reach.

There is a world within this sphere;
a world of caution yet display;
of inner and outer shells and days;
the promise of joy in place of thorns,
and of beauty in unexpected places,
– rising with the sun.

May we all, like this flower, find our bees.


Echinops is a globe thistle, and one of the more surprising and beautiful flowers in my garden, I think. I cut some for the first time this year, and they are wonderful – to share too. My poem doesn’t do them justice, but I wanted to try.