The Fairy Queen

by poetrydiary

As wind I touch your apple blossom hair,
and falling petals meet the rising scent of dew.
Your wings of spider’s thread quiver and relax,
and lilac hands outstretched caress the watching air.

As rain I fall soft and light onto your skin,
we feel the grass warm and damp between our toes;
bluebells exude the richness of the earth,
and buds open their hearts and cry ‘begin’.

As sun I draw the sparkle from your eyes,
blue, all-seeing, and silent like the sky;
quick songbirds cross your path with rising chords,
and lambs look up to watch your gentle dance.

You wait beneath the aching chestnut tree;
his dappled shade stroking your snowdrop arms.
The river runs and cools your blushing brow,
and fairy maids arrive to offer fruit.

It’s spring across the whole of your domain;
creatures awake and humans call their names.
You pull my soul and those of all my friends;
you say our time is now – it’s come again.


This is a little twee and romantic, but I guess it’s something to do with the weather, or the fairies. Submitted to Thursday Poets’ Rally.