Absent-minded shopping expedition

by poetrydiary

This poem is a response to the weekly prompt on Big Tent Poetry. It started as a list poem, but became slightly distracted.

A tin of beans, to start;
three types of leaf for lunch;
garlic cloves, for your heart,
and a biscuit thing, to munch.


Two bottles of red – stop
right now, that is enough
to last a week, so drop
those thoughts of bacchante.


A toothbrush and shampoo –
back on track, you can pack.
Mushrooms – there are too few!
go back and find the rack.

… smack!

Watch the toddler on the floor
his mum’s nearby, so what’s the fuss?
OK, I will obey the law;
come quietly and hey, no cuffs!

… gosh..

this prison cell is not so posh.

© 2010 Matthew Rhodes