To believe in a mermaid

by poetrydiary

The first line of this poem comes from “To believe in mermaids” by Donald Harbour, and is a first experiment in linking with others, prompted by We Write Poems Prompt #34

To believe in a mermaid
is to create waves that brush the rocks,
and gently rock the boat –
at first only at night, in the silence of the small hours,
and smallness of your room.

The waves that brush the rocks,
wash away memories and worry cracks,
seeping into pools, bubbling,
and outlasting tides, trap shimmered scales in sunlight,
averting eyes and tempting glances.

Shimmering scales refract
sky and sun and air, distorting perceptions,
drawing on and in and out.
And suddenly there are new relationships –
the vastness of the world.

To believe in a mermaid,
is a start.

©2010 Matthew Rhodes