Human landscapes

by poetrydiary

Without the mountains, this house
makes a home with art – sensual
terracotta reds and gold;
and warm, most human breasts and thighs,
drawing me to cool, silent,
watching eyes, which say: ‘I am
beautiful – like you – (and mountains too),’
and with a yard, and lemon tree,
glass of wine and distant dog,
you welcome me;
human nature, shaped in stone.


We have moved to a cottage by the coast. There is no view here, in the centre of the village, but the owners have made it a wonderfully welcoming and cosy space with art and careful design. This includes, slightly disconcertingly at first, many nude images of the owner’s wife, who also gave us some excellent cake.

I like the contrast with the mountains and that both equally make visitors feel relaxed and comfortable.