In the Gulf of Oman

by poetrydiary

I feel the waters’ pull, floating,
and fishes glinting eyes, wary,
watching; from corals bubbles rise,
growing, as I breathe, and roll.

I feel the waters’ pull, drifting;
wet sunbeams crossing sands, diamonds
shifting, warming, waltzing, lazy;
woven with the flow, and ebb.

I feel the waters’ pull, deepening;
a darker shade of blue, misting –
imagined bigger fish, watching,
rising. Hastened by fear, I turn.


I have always loved swimming, and rarely get the chance to swim in such clear and warm waters (and full of life)  as the Gulf of Oman. It’s beautiful, although there is still that nagging fear when it gets too deep to see the bottom that there might be something big and hungry down there! 

I have tried to capture something of the rhythm and feeling of the waves in this poem.

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