September Haiku Challenge – week 1

by poetrydiary

Write – Sept 1

I write electric
words, made wistful or hopeful
by passing seasons.

Mirror – Sept 2

Holding a mirror
to half-hollows in my soul
I see space for love.

Windmill – Sept 3

A golden windmill.
Is it the dying sunlight,
or the autumn corn?

Like waves – Sept 4 (any subject)

Reality breaks,
as imagination ebbs;
my need for love grows.


I am going to try to participate in the September Haiku Challenge at the suggestion of Heaven (thanks). This means trying to do a haiku a day to fixed prompts (see link). Rather than post each haiku separately, I thought I’d post a week together – so I’ll just add tomorrow’s effort to this post, etc. We’ll see how this goes, but this at least gives me a little bit of flexibility!

The first prompt was “write”.