Courage – 0649 to London Marylebone

by poetrydiary

Day building slowly from the east.
Dark frames of magic beasts reach out,
uncurl and strengthen, with the sun
still crouching, growling, out of sight.

Unthinking motions of the spheres.
Unhalting journey of these trains.
The force of gravity; this too,
draws on, and down; you cannot fight.

And now the sky grows light, and grey.
You cannot hide, can’t run away.
Courage, my friend, is not out there –
courage is yours, for every day.

© 2011 Matthew Rhodes

I wrote this on the train as the sun rose this morning, in mistaken response to a prompt that I thought I’d read somewhere on the web to write a poem about courage, but can’t now find! (Stop press – I just have – it’s writers island). However, I opened up my laptop and found an empty file labelled “Courage” so here’s a poem…… (I’m glad I did, it made the journey much more fun).