Monday morning

by poetrydiary

Earnest morning on the first train to Marylebone;
Keyboard tapping men at arms, protected by their grey screens. 
Snow outside, still,
And the flat greyness of a foggy day. 

It will be beautiful later, we know,
But for now engagement is discouraged.
Laptops make introversion aggressive;
Intruding on my space. 
And time too: 
The long urge to check for empty mail. 

Twin barns in a passing field
Remind me of other lives – 
Not simpler, but with different rhythms,
And yearnings for peace. 
Clouds still low,
Past Bicester and still another hour to go. 

Medieval furrows pointing north;
Ancient endeavours – arms of different men –
Slowly sink, now, into the landscape,
Extruding gentle sheep. 
The train hums on. 
And on again to London, Monday morning. 

© 2010 Matthew Rhodes