First kiss

by poetrydiary

I worried
that if I kissed you
the world might dissolve,
and my heart melt; all logic lost.

I felt a thousand flowing butterflies might rise,
set fire to common sense.

Some would float, others flit – pause;
might spread their wings,
absorb your light;
might soar in the sun –
enjoy new feelings of being
so alive
and yet so sensitive to you,
like the sun,
giving them light and life.

And when you’re gone,
or merely obscured by cloud,
they would vanish;
leaving only the holes they’d burned:
perceptions of beauty, joy, connected hearts;
feelings I might not have known.

And this might hurt too much.
I worried,
that if I kissed you,
all this might happen.

But oh,
I did.

Please kiss me again.

© 2011 Matthew Rhodes