September Haiku Challenge – Week 3

Pear tree (any subject) – Sept 18

Pear tree bent double
in fatal fecundity;
her harvest too rich.

Winter – Sept 17

Couple in winter
squabbling over shopping;
once they were lovers.

Chime – Sept 16

Autumn city
towers wiser with each chime,
as their stones crumble.

Patience – Sept 15

Among patient trees,
I see partridge wandering,
and feel the world breathe.

Elixir – Sept 14

Financial crises;
I trust we’ll find elixirs
in humanity.

Liberty – Sept 13

Remembering days,
of liberty and sunlight;
still the roses bloom.

Flood – Sept 12

Condensing dewdrops
flooding this morning’s leaf cups;
each small world renewed.


For haiku heights September challenge – nearly half way!