Walking to work – Leamington 7.30am

by poetrydiary

Rainfall gentle against my skin;
sky draws night from dampened streets.

No one moving without purpose, now:
yet all without haste – fresh:
the quiet, clean energy of another day.

These are the harbingers of city life –
street sweepers and delivery men,
a woman setting out her stall,
an opening door.

Peaceful, and incomplete.

© 2011 Matthew Rhodes

I’ve always loved the early morning in towns, all over the world – just before the day starts, and the people arrive, but after the first shops and cafes have opened and are just readying themselves for the day. There is a better poem here, but I thought I’d make a start and see if I can improve on it with time.

Shared with Jingle’s Poetry Pot Luck April 2011